International short course on modelling

January 13-17 2014 - International short course on modelling for sustainable management of crop health

At the initiative of the INRA metaprogram SMACH (key-actions MODEL and IPM-NET), in collaboration with the European project PURE, the European Research Group ENDURE, the Mixed Network Technology « Modélisation » and the INRA Department for continuing education, the first international short course on modelling for sustainable management of crop health took place from January 13th to 17th 2014 at the international school of advanced education in Volterra, Italy.

Eighteen participants from seven countries benefited from the expertise of nine European lecturers experienced in modelling for crop protection. The short course covered a wide range of modelling approaches and applications on the sustainable management of crop health such as statistical models, dynamic models, agent based models, qualitative models and networks. Basic principles for the evaluation of the quality of prediction, sensitivity and uncertainty analysis and parameter estimation were presented, along with fundamentals of the R language. Using this knowledge, participants conducted modelling projects in groups throughout the week and presented their results during a specific session at the end of the week. The group dynamic which developed during the week permitted fruitful interactions among lecturers and participants. Building on the success of this first edition, a second edition is planned for early 2016. In addition to research activities, the metaprogram SMACH thus contributes to the education of researchers and extension personnel involved in crop health management around the world.

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